Ace Paris cardholders, essentials to have in your wardrobe.

Ace Paris card holders are a must have in your wardrobe. A very useful accessory that allows you to protect your cards and store them so that they are always at hand.
Handcrafted, the Ace card holders are soft and strong accessories. They are here to serve all those who have a vast collection of cards of all kinds and can no longer find their way around.
In your card holder, you will be able to slip your bank cards, transport tickets and all the loyalty cards that you have in the different stores.

Let's go back a few years


Start of the card holders

In 2019, founder "L" practiced different leather working techniques to be able to make unique leather goods. His sister, seeing him working, asked him to make her a card holder because she dreams of having a luxurious card holder. However, the founder did not find this relevant and declined his request. However, his sister came back to him again and again. Annoyed, the founder decided to make one.


N°1 des Porte-cartes

After meeting the expectations of a customer, the founder "L" met a businessman. He expressed to him the idea of concentrating all his efforts in one product and then expanding his offerings. So the founder didn't know if it was a good idea or not. Nevertheless he assumed that good or bad, it was worth trying and going for it.

Citation: « I really think that listening to my sister and brother-in-law was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. »

This was followed by a collection of leather goods

Red X Ace

This card holder has long been one of the most appreciated by the general public. With its signature Ace Paris design, it was one of the first 30 cardholders sold by the company.

Bubble Blue

Handcrafted by the founder and designer, "L". The Bubble Blue card holder is a unique piece, one of the first 30 pieces sold by Ace.

Le Boxeur

The card holder "The Boxer" is a bestseller. It is the most prized piece until today. It is the result of the meeting between a fighter known as Hamza Leshaf and L, founder of Ace Paris. It is a piece with the spiritual image of this fighter.


The Lily is a unique card holder from the Ace Lab program. Ace Paris offers its clients the possibility of designing unique pieces. The Lily was born from the desire of a client to have a leather piece around the world of lily flowers. The Lily is a handcrafted piece, immaculately in burgundy red leather and adorned with white lyli flowers that open to the house's signature.